Wednesday, September 8, 2010

How was school?

I bet almost every parent in every corner of the world asks their children this question on a daily basis. "How was school?"

No matter the culture, language, school district, or child, most every parent is at least mildly interested in finding out how junior did in school today. Any drama? Suspensions? Fights? Expulsions? Then by all measures, a decent day.

When I ask our normally chatty-cathy's this question, they suddenly become tongue-tied. Maybe the question short circuits their brains or something, because I always get the same answer. You know you do, too. "How was school?"

-every child in the world, "good."


"Good" just isn't good enough any more. I've wised up. I've figured out new ways to ask an old question. I ask follow up questions. But they've apparently braced for this, too.

Me, "So, what was good about your day today?"

Say it with me...EVERY kids response, "I don't know."

Defeat. Stonewall. Iced out. They're just not budging, no matter what. I've even gone to the very creative, "tell me the most interesting thing you learned so far today." I mean, come on, THAT'S a conversation starter.

But no, still I hear, "I don't know..."

So now it's time to get serious. A new, fresh approach. A way to make them understand. Be the ball, Danny...speak their language....

Any kid in any town, anywhere..."Dad, can I go outside and play?

Dad: "I don't know."

Kids: "Dad, can I have some money for the movies?"

Dad: "I don't know."

Kids: "Dad, can I go to the Justin Bieber concert with my friends?

Dad: "I don't k..."

Kids, interrupting: "But Dad, he'd awesome, I mean, come on...even YOU must think he's....

Dad, smiling: "....good."

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  1. funny...Caleb's young but he never gives me enough information about school. I'll have to try the "I don't know" approach on him for what he wants..."can I play the wii"..."I don't know"